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Mar 17, 2020 Virtualized IPv4 to IPv6 Network Gateway. Patton SmartNode The IPv6 to IPv4 gateway is an IPv6 transition mechanism that facilitates migration from IPv4 to IPv6. These network gateways are positioned between networks to provide protocol conversion between an older network that uses IPv4 infrastructure (in use since 1983) and a modern network that uses the successor addressing-and-routing protocol: IPv6. NAT64 Technology: Connecting IPv6 and IPv4 Networks - Cisco

Advertised IPv6 default gateway Although as my understanding it's the expected behavior, I still have a question. If a hacker put a rough ipv6 router in the network and advertise itself as a valid ipv6 router, is there any way I can limit the dhcpv6 client to choose their default way …

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What is the difference between default gateway and IPV4 IPv4 is a 32 bit value which is used to uniquely identify the computer, router and switch on a routable(public) network. If you want communicate to a machine which is - Learn About Internet Protocol Version 6 and The complete resource for information related to Internet Protocol Version 6 aka IPv6. Learn about computer networking, IP Addresses, IPv6 Addressing Format, Applications, Acceptance, Hardware, Security, Deployment and much more. Get Started | Public DNS | Google Developers