KeePass ships with a strong random password generator (you can define the possible output characters, length, patterns, rules and restrictions). The program is available in over 40 languages.

Compatible. KeePassium works great with other KeePass apps, be it KeePass itself, KeePassXC, KeePassDroid, Keepass2Android or other KeePass-compatible app.KeePassium supports all the current database formats: kdb (KeePass 1.x), kdbx3 (KeePass 2.34 and before) and kdbx4 (KeePass 2.35+), and relies on time-proven implementations of AES, ChaCha20, Twofish, and Argon2 algorithms. KeePass / Discussion / Help: Keepass + OneDrive won't work Apr 25, 2019 KeePass - Download Jul 07, 2020 KeePassX – Downloads Downloads . Source code. Source code tarball v2.0.3. Mac OS X. Binary bundle for MacOS X >= 10.7 Binary bundle v2.0.3. Windows. Binary bundle for Windows >= Vista (requires security update MS09-015 on Vista) ZIP bundle v2.0.3

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Kee adds free, secure and easy to use password management features to your web browser which save you time and keep your private data more secure. Login automatically, never forget another password, stay in control of your passwords and improve their security. … LastPass vs. KeePass (Head-to-Head Comparison 2020)

Open your KeePass 2.x database on your Windows 10 Mobile and easily copy/paste usernames and passwords. KeePassReader is a lightweight application that reads password database created by the KeePass 2.x desktop application.

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