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Netflix Not Working on Apple TV - Smart DNS Proxy Support Netflix is making changes on it's back-end system. They have been experiencing service disruptions and this is effecting all Netflix streamers as well as Smart DNS Proxy users. Netflix usually resolves these issues in few hours. At the moment Netflix is working properly with any device including Apple TV. Static IP Routing for Router / Modem - Smart DNS Proxy Jul 12, 2020 Apple TV Setup for Smart DNS Proxy - Smart DNS Proxy Support Jul 18, 2020

May 12, 2020 · Smart DNS works fine with widely used streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ or HULU. However, other services that are less commonly used, might not be accessible with Smart DNS, so feel free to contact our Customer Success Sharks and ask if your preferred streaming service should work.

Smart DNS Proxy: Technology I Wish I Knew Existed Before I Went To Japan. 3/17/2015. Yes, indeed that was a long title but it was accurate. Hello, my name is Pam and I was an English teacher in Japan for two years. Whoa, glad I got that off my chest. Access US Netflix on any device SmartDNSProxy works on SmartTVs, Apple TV, computers, mobile devices, tablets, home entertainment system, gaming consoles, media players, and so on.

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Jan 26, 2020 · Finally, there is the issue of which sites work with VPN and Smart DNS. Netflix if the most popular service that people want to get around region locks on, but Netflix have been cracking down hard on both VPN traffic and proxy server use recently. The truth is, there are some Smart DNS and some VPN services that will not work with Netflix. You Jul 22, 2020 · When you connect to Netflix, your browser sends a DNS request to the server, which sends the IP address for the show or movie you want to watch to your device. If the VPN or proxy you use doesn’t reroute your DNS requests, Netflix can see that they don’t match your VPN-assigned IP address — and will block your access.