Indie singer-songwriter Woody has topped major Korean music charts and netizens presume that it is another case of chart manipulation. Woody’s “Fire Up” ranked No.1 on the Melon Chart at 4:00 pm January 30 (KST).

Jun 12, 2017 [TOP 50] Gaon Korean Music Chart 2020 [June Week 1] - YouTube Jun 14, 2020 「MUSIC CHART」IDOL SONGS ON KOREAN DIGITAL CHARTS … korean digital charts (melon, genie, bugs, soribada) released chart rankings for june 6th of 2020. TWICE 'S "MORE & MORE", IU 'S "EIGHT (FEAT. SUGA)", OH MY GIRL 'S "NONSTOP" WERE IDOL SONGS RANKED HIGH ON DIGITAL CHARTS.

Jul 23, 2020

korean digital charts (melon, genie, bugs, soribada) that ranking the weekly popularity of songs in south korea. KOREAN DIGITAL CHARTS (MELON, GENIE, BUGS, SORIBADA) RELEASED CHART RANKINGS FOR MARCH 14TH OF 2020 (2020.03.14). 「MUSIC CHART」IDOL SONGS ON KOREAN DIGITAL CHARTS …

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BTS Completely Dominates MelOn's Music Chart From #1 Down But most notably, BTS literally took over the popular Korean music platform, MelOn with their new album! Within just hours of its release, all of the new tracks from “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7” lined up from #1 onwards. From #1 to #14, it was decorated with BTS’s new album cover! korean music charts : kpophelp - reddit melon is a streaming service and these services can have their own real-time, daily, weekly charts that measure the # of unique listeners of a song per hour, per day, per week. of the korean streaming services, melon is the largest with 39% market share, genie is around 25%, flo around 21%. vibe, soribada, bugs are all less than 10%. Melon chart is the proof Koreans really don't care much Jun 11, 2020 Melon Music Awards judging criteria - Celebrity News